Peace and Security

Tanzania is among the fewest countries with stable peace and
security. But in the recent years Tanzania has witnessed elements of social,
political and religious intolerance which resulted into the number of violent
incidences including armed attacks, protests, enmity, plotted killings and
elements of terrorist instructions and attacks. Violent extremism and radicalization are breeding
grounds for atrocities and genocide. Therefore it is a global challenge and
threat to peace and security. Violent extremism being considered as
“advocating, engaging in, preparing, or otherwise supporting ideologically
motivated or justified violence to further social, economic and political
objectives”, Tanzania isn’t shield from its influence and it has seen emergence
of violent acts of extremism and radicalization. The Al Qaeda attacks at US
embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, the Al Shabab attacks in the East
Africa which robed many lives has made the region unsecure. There have been
reports of young people being radicalized and recruited to join Al Shabab, Al
Qaeda groups and other secret groups. Secret training where children and young
people are radicalized and motivated to become militants has also increased to
an alarming point. Preventing and countering violent
extremism however should not be left in the
hands of the government alone but every citizen, CSOs, institutions and
community leaders must seriously work for peace. Involvement of young peoples
to jointly work for peace and prevention of conflicts is paramount as they are
majority and have power.

In 2017 YAPO has partnered with the Inter-Religious Council for Peace Tanzania (IRCPT)
under Green Light Project (GLP) into building resilience among women, children
and youth towards the influence of extremist narratives and develop an early
warning mechanism from the grass roots using Inter-Faith Networks for women and
youth in Kilwa and Liwale in Lindi region and in Tandahimba and Mtwara urban in
Mtwara region.

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